What shall I wear ?

Gentlemen are advised to wear comfortable underpants or boxer shorts.

Ladies will be offered gowns to change into and will be asked to keep underwear on underneath the gown. It is advisable to wear sensible underwear but to avoid all-in-one under-garments or elastic girdles. If you are feeling anxious and would feel more comfortable in your own clothes rather than a gown, you may prefer to bring light pair of shorts or leggings and vest top to change into. It is usually acceptable for ladies to keep tights on if preferred.

The main thing is not to wear anything bulky like jeans or cords which have hard seams and rivets.

If your condition is very painful and it is difficult to bend it may be advisable to wear slip-on shoes and easily removable garments.

After the initial examination session you may not need to undress for further treatments. Your Osteopath will advise you on what to wear for any follow up treatments and it also depends on the part of the body you are receiving treatment for.