Deep Massage

While deep massage is often relaxing, the end goal of the session or series of treatments  is far more than simply relaxation. Therapeutic goals such as pain relief, can vary considerably between massage therapists and clients.

In some cases, deep massage is recommended by a health professional and may be performed as part of a more wide ranging (or multi-disciplinary) treatment plan. For example, someone currently receiving  Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Chiropractic treatment for an injury may also have regular therapeutic massage to help speed up recovery. Deep massage has the additional benefits of loosening muscles and increasing their flexibility.

People can also use deep massage as a standalone treatment. Many of our clients include athletes, manual workers or stressed out office workers and they all receive regular deep massage to help keep themselves in good physical condition.


Therapeutic Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth water-heated stones are used with Deep Tissue and traditional Swedish Massage techniques to help warm and relax tired and overworked muscles. The warmth of the stones helps to penetrate deep into the muscle layers helping to melt away tension, ease stiffness and increase circulation.


Kimberley Hull
Therapeutic Masseuse and Deep Massage

Kimberley has a background in healthcare having previously worked as part of the nursing team in accident and emergency Musgrove Park Hospital. It was during these years that she was diagnosed with Lupus, a non-contagious autoimmune disorder which can affect joints and connective tissue. Although leading a healthy lifestyle of yoga, swimming and riding, she found that the benefits of regular massage and chiropractic together helped her to control the side effects of her illness.

This was such a positive experience for Kimberley that it sparked a real passion for alternative therapies.  Kimberley went on the join her local college and attain a City and Guilds Level 3 in Massage Therapy with Distinction. She was also awarded Student of the Year for her accomplishments.

Over the last 7 years as a professional therapist, Kimberley has developed an extensive and loyal client list from teenagers, professional sportsmen, prenatal and postnatal women and the elderly. Kimberley uses a variety of massage techniques and blends them together in order to tailor make each treatment to suit every individual. These massage therapies help to reduce muscular pain, reduce stress, promote muscle rejuvenation and leave you feeling calm, relaxed and revived.

Kimberley’s caring, warm and friendly manner along with her passion for helping people recover from illness is a real asset to the clinic.


   Federation of Holistic Therapies

Kimberley provides the following types of massage therapy:

  Soft Tissue Release
  Deep Tissue Massage
 Traditional Swedish Massage
  Hot Stones Therapy
 Head and Neck Massage
  Prenatal and Postnatal Massage
 Head & scalp massage for migraines, headaches and neck pain

Kimberley Hull Massage

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